Candidate Calls out Senator to Debate

D. Allen Miller met with Senator Ted Cruz at an RSVP only BBQ event in Dallas over the weekend.

Miller, a Henderson County Native and a grassroots member of the Henderson County Libertarian Party, is running for Texas House District 4. Miller had a message and a plan when he asked Cruz a simple enough question.

“We’re wondering if you will debate Neal Dikeman?” Dikeman is the Libertarian Candidate running for U.S. Senator for Texas.

Cruz quickly responded to Miller explaining the reason Dikeman is unable to debate him on stage is due to the, “electorate.”

By definition, “The Electoral College is a process, not a place. The founding fathers established it in the Constitution as a compromise between election of the President by a vote in Congress and election of the President by a popular vote of qualified citizens.” This is according to

On a personal side note directly to Mr. Cruz. What does the electorate have to do with you agreeing to debate? How much support does a third party candidate need in order to do so?

Libertarians believe in equal ballot and debate access in order to have fair elections.

Cruz also stated he would love to have the support of Libertarians in Texas.

How can Senator Cruz expect the support of Libertarians if he refuses to debate?

Neal Dikeman is a strong Libertarian candidate, a sixth generation Texan from Houston running for US Senate, and is a venture capitalist with 9+ startups under his belt.

Visit Neal’s Website at:

Please contact the Offices of Senator Cruz and let him know you want equal debate access for Texas Candidates.

Washington office phone number:

(202) 224-5922

Austin office phone number:

(512) 916-5834



One thought on “Candidate Calls out Senator to Debate

  1. Who ever we got writing these stories up is doing a great job. We just need to get people here reading, liking, commenting and sharing these great posts. Doing the same thing on the various platforms. We need to keep the pressure on old Teddy about a debate. Start writing editorials and submitting them to newspapers. Go to Cruz’ Facebook page, Twitter and website and make comments and screen shot everything in case they decide to hide or delete anything we do. We just need to be tactful and professional but full pressure to debate.


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