Party Co-Founder D. Frank Robinson challenges the LNC

Due to move some are calling the “Voodoo Adjournment”, it seems the Libertarian National Committee is now acting in a potentially rouge capacity having failed to elect a Judicial Committee prior to the adjournment of the 2018 National Convention in New Orleans. Many National Delegates feel they’ve been swindled, as the current LNC doesn’t seem to be in a rush to obtain a quorum within the Judicial Committee.

Party founder, and architect of the Judicial Committee D. Frank Robinson refuses to back down, and has declared that he will be seeking to Chair the Judicial Committee. D. Frank Robinson claims that this mishap could lead to unfavorable court ruling if challenged, and that the LNC is now potential a “defunct organization” at risk of being forced into liquidation.

LNC Secretary Caryn Ann Harlos, and Region 7 Alternate Erin Adams have both proposed delegates be sent ballots by mail in order to correct the situation. Ultimately this could prove to be the most legitimate course of action if the LNC can’t agree to elect the candidates that made it to the top seven at convention.

3 thoughts on “Party Co-Founder D. Frank Robinson challenges the LNC

  1. I am glad to see the Henderson County Libertarian Party Texas has a WordPress site. It would be nice to know who the author was, but not a big deal. I believe social media is important to help spread the Libertarian Party message and using the various platforms will help in the growth of the party. I am glad that the new leadership of the HCLPTX is keeping us informed about the happenings at the national and state levels as well as at the county level. This post has already got national attention and that is awesome. Keep up the good work. I also want to ask everyone to go and give the HCLPTX Facebook page a review. How does one contribute an article or blog to this site?


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